Two New Transparent 3DP Solutions Created

Due to the popularity of our transparent 3DP systems we have developed two new versions.

The 3DP set ups we have manufactured for our customers so far have been in component format.

So the system includes the transparent LCD panel and driver kit and is paired with a high brightness LCD display and kit.

After we have sent these to our customers and assisted them with technical assistance we have received the feedback that customers would appreciate a design that is easier to install. As with two panels and two full driver kits many customers found the install difficult and need a more technical installation team compared to standard displays.


Taking on this feedback we have decided to develop a more “open frame” type solution. This is comprised of the high brightness LCD panel and driver kit being manufactured into an open framed monitor as well as the driver board for the transparent LCD being built into the aluminium frame. This makes the installation of the system much easier for designers and integrators alike.


The second new option is to purchase the 3DP within a showcase box, much liek our transparent LCD ClearVue showcase boxes.

This means that the transparent display and high bright will be built into a showcase with additional LED lighting to provide customers with a turn-key / plug and play solution.

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