UHD OLEDs: CDS Introduce their range of 10 bit Long Life OLEDs

specialist UHD OLED displays, ideal for automotive / aerospace / military etc. applications.

CDS have decided to launch a new range of UHD OLEDs, cutting-edge OLED displays which have undergone rigorous process technology enhancements, ensuring top-notch performance and longevity for industrial applications.

Unmatched Resolution and Contrast

CDS’s UHD OLEDs boast an impressive resolution and contrast that redefine visual experiences. With a stunning 4K resolution of 3840×2160 and a contrast ratio of 1M:1, every detail is vividly rendered, bringing images to life with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Enhanced Features for Diverse Applications

The versatility of CDS’s UHD OLEDs is evident in their range of sizes and optional touch functionalities. From the compact 13.1″ display to the expansive 27″ option, there’s a perfect fit for various industrial settings. Whether it’s for control panels, medical equipment, or interactive displays, these OLEDs deliver exceptional performance.

Sizes Available

Size Touch Active Area (mm) Outer Dimension OLED (mm)
13.3" On-Cell 293.76 x 165.24 298.75 x 170.54 x 3.7 / 0.93
15.6" Optional 344.21 x 193.62 348.22 x 203.02 x 5.2 / 1.94
18.5" On-Cell 409.54 x 230.26 417.54 x 237.95 x 3.69 / 0.483
21.6" Optional 478.08 x 268.92 488.08 x 278.92 x 5.535 / 1.259
27" Optional 597.66 x 336.18 607.66 x 348.18 x TBD / 1.204

Longevity and Reliability

One of the standout features of CDS’s UHD OLEDs is their long-life support of over 5 years, ensuring prolonged usage without compromising on quality. Moreover, the inclusion of a de-burn algorithm safeguards against image retention, guaranteeing consistent performance over time. Coupled with the eDP interface, these displays are engineered for reliability in demanding environments.


Here at CDS, we would highly recommend this new range of OLEDs for any industrial application, including automotive / aerospace / military.  From the impeccable resolution and contrast to the advanced features designed for longevity and reliability, these OLEDs exemplify innovation at its finest. Whether it’s for industrial control systems, digital signage, or immersive gaming experiences, CDS’s UHD OLEDs promise to deliver unparalleled visual excellence for years to come.

10 bit UHD OLEDs

Size Parameter specification
All Resolution 3840 x 2160
All Luminance 400 cd/m²
All Contrast Ratio 1M:1
All Gamut Coverage 99% DCI-P3
All Temperature Range -20C to +70C
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