Here at CDS we understand that waiting up to 12 weeks to receive a sample is not always ideal, consequently this is why we have decided to stock our most popular sizes – quick samples, leading to quick approvals, and eventually quick roll outs!

  • Small format bar type LCDs with HDMI driver kits – 8.8″ and 12.3″ (non-touch & PCAP touch)
  • Open framed monitors – 14.5″ with incell PCAP touch based on LA145WF1-SL02
  • Stretched LCD monitors – 29″, 29.3″, 37.6″, 48.5″, and 58.4″
  • Stretched LCD monitors with PCAP touch – 37.6″ and 58.4″
  • Stretched LCD panel and kit with PCAP touch – 29.3″
  • Available in a range of Screen Sizes from 6.2″ to 88″.
  • High Brightness Sunlight Readable LED Backlight
  • Up to 4K UHD resolution
  • Available as enclosed monitors or component parts for integration
  • Wide range of video inputs available
  • Optional PCAP and IR Multi Touch Screens
  • IP65 / IP66 Options Available

Benefits Of Bar Type Ultra-Wide Stretched (Cut) Displays

Unique aspect ratio to catch viewers’ attention

  • No special software required
  • Stunning high-resolution images
  • Industrial grade LCD solutions for optimum performance and reliability
  • Connect to existing Media Players, PCs and more via HDMI

Ultra-Wide Screen Interactive Touch Technology

DISPLAX Multitouch PCAP Stretched 86″ LCD Displays

Applications for Ultra-wide Stretched Displays

  • Transportation; Airports, Bus / Railway Stations, Subways
  • Advertising; shopping centres, retail stores, restaurants & bars
  • Gaming; slot machines, roulette winning numbers & button deck
  • Public information; Government buildings, elevators, offices, Museums

And so much more, simply contact us today to discuss your stretched and square projects and opportunities. 

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