What displays for EV charging stations?

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With the widespread adoption of EV charging stations for electric cars, a well-established charging infrastructure is essential. Europe is projected to require almost 4 million public charging stations by 2030. CDS is supplying some global players in this field and has compiled some considerations for selecting displays for charging stations.

Displays in a charging station play a crucial role as the interface between the user and the charging point, particularly for communication between the charging station and the electric vehicle. Ease of use is crucial, and while a charger can be simple and cost-effective with LED modules and a smartphone app for communication, a display enhances user convenience. Displays are more common in DC charging stations, which are larger and faster, directly charging the vehicle’s battery.

A display is essential for indicating the charging status, duration, remaining time, and battery condition. Even AC chargers, like ‘wall boxes’, are experiencing increased demand for digital displays. According to EU Regulation 2014/94/EU, all publicly accessible charging stations must have a display, similar to conventional fuel pumps!

What should you consider for a Charging Station display?

Size: Depends on the purpose. Larger displays (7 to 10.1 inches) are suitable for DC chargers, while smaller displays suffice for AC wall boxes.

Optical Properties: Outdoor charging stations require displays with good visibility in sunlight. Bright displays (around 1,000 to 2,000 cd/m²) are recommended, along with optical bonding to reduce unwanted reflections.

Display Technology: IPS (In-Plane Switching) displays offer excellent viewing angles, high contrast, and fast response times. MVA (Multi-Vertical-Alignment) displays are also good, while TN (Twisted-Nematic) technology is cost-effective but has limitations.

Temperature Performance: Displays should withstand a wide temperature range, considering outdoor conditions. OLED displays can excel in extreme temperatures, but TFT LCDs suffice in most parts of the world.

Touchscreens are now standard for charging stations, offering intuitive control. Resistive touchscreens are not recommended due to susceptibility to damage, while capacitive touchscreens, whether single or multi-touch, are preferred.

Display only Panel PC?

Many companies are using a display only with their own computing solution and interfacing to the display directly via the LVDS interface etc. But many are now considering a ‘boxed solution’ where they take the complete Panel PC with built in embedded computer. This can include high bright optically bonded display, IP65 front, and choice of computing power and I/O to give the perfect solution in one box.  This can save time and money in development and manufacturing as well as purchasing (i.e. all from one source) but also makes it a lot easier for servicing in the field for example.

What about Mechanical and Electrical Considerations?

Durability: Displays in public spaces need protection against damage and vandalism. Thick front glass and optical bonding enhance stability.

Mounting: Installation can be from the front or rear, with waterproofing (usually IP65) being crucial. Industrial adhesives are recommended.

Communication Interfaces: Commonly used interfaces for displays (7 to 21.5 inches) include LVDS, RGB, MIPI, and HDMI. LVDS offers advantages like differential signalling, long-distance capability, low power consumption, and a small number of lines.

Integration Options:

Smart Displays: Some displays allow direct connection to a single-board computer like a Raspberry Pi, enabling additional intelligence and modular system development via CAN-bus or RS485. The CDS range of SMART Displays can be found here: DWIN

A comprehensive approach to selecting displays considers factors such as size, optical properties, technology, temperature performance, touch capability, durability, mounting, and communication interfaces. These considerations are crucial for meeting the diverse needs of charging stations, whether in outdoor environments or smaller wall box installations.


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