Why use CDS for your US Gaming Applications?

Q&A from CDS to assist any gaming related queries before working with us for your Gaming Applications

As a fairly small company providing gaming displays compared to giants in the industry, we are here with a Q&A sourced from conversations discussing US gaming applications. We have received many questions so far whilst supplying to the industry and so we thought it would be beneficial to share our honest answers within this blog post. 

1. Q: I use Korean suppliers like Kortek and Tovis for years for my Gaming Applications due to their pricing, why should I switch to CDS?

   – CDS Reply: While Kortek and Tovis have been longstanding players, we’ve successfully attracted global business away from them. Our competitiveness not only lies in pricing but also in superior customer service, English as our primary language, rapid response systems, and adept handling of technical inquiries and repairs. We offer real value, enhancing overall service and inviting you to experience the difference with CDS. Despite being newer, our dedication ensures we don’t take customers for granted, working efficiently to provide optimal solutions and experiences. Give us a chance to showcase what sets us apart.

  1. Q: I use USA suppliers; how can you effectively service our business from across the pond?

   – CDS Reply: We already cater to numerous US-based customers, with multiple companies at this show utilizing our displays. Confidentiality agreements prevent us from naming them, but we serve both the East and West coasts seamlessly, ensuring time zone differences don’t impact our availability for our US clients. Our 48-hour delivery system addresses shipping concerns, and our feedback from US customers attests to improved response times and exceptional customer service. While some concerns persist, we’re exploring a US base with quality personnel. If you have recommendations, do let us know.

3. Q: We have global facilities; how would you handle that?

   – CDS Reply: Perfect! Our existing global Gaming customer base and established logistics networks make us an ideal partner for your needs. Unlike US-based companies focused solely on the domestic market, our experience in supplying every continent positions us as a comprehensive solution for your global requirements.

  1. Q: You are untested to us, and I am happy with my current supplier(s).

   – Reply: Understandable. We invite you to give us a chance by providing a complimentary sample for evaluation. Our risk-free approach includes a small order for production testing, allowing you to experience first-hand the benefits of partnering with CDS. As a worst-case scenario, you gain a reliable secondary supplier without added costs.

5. Q: I use ELO and will never change as their product is good and reliable.

   – CDS Reply: We respect ELO’s reputation, but our business has taken customers from them due to reduced prices without compromising quality, rapid-response deliveries, and enhanced technical support. We’ve observed increased pricing and lead times from ELO partners, and our proactive approach to technical questions adds significant value to our customers’ operations.

  1. Q: If I need spare parts quickly, I can get them from our US suppliers.

   – CDS Reply: We understand the importance of spare parts. To address this, we offer our customers extra displays (quantity dependent) to serve as immediate backup. With a return rate of less than 1%, you can trust in receiving a reliable product.

7. Q: What if I need someone on site or at our facility to address various issues, and you are in London?

   – CDS Reply: We’ve successfully handled on-site issues, even reaching a customer in Oklahoma within 2 days for a critical situation. Our swift response and effective problem-solving have earned us loyal customers, showcasing our commitment to service.

  1. Q: I just need the cheapest price possible for my Gaming machine.

   – Reply: We value quality and reliability in addition to competitive pricing. Share your target price with us and let us quote for your project. CDS prioritizes high-quality, reliable displays with excellent technical support, offering a full-service solution without compromising on cost.

  1. Q: We do not know CDS from Adam and do not even know if you are a financially sound company.

   – CDS Reply: We understand the importance of financial stability. CDS boasts a strong credit rating and global reputation. To instil confidence, we’re happy to provide references and share our financials for your scrutiny. Begin by allowing us to provide you with a complimentary sample and a small order to prove our commitment.

  1. Q: When can you come and meet us at our facility to discuss projects and we can show you what we do?

    – CDS Reply: We are flexible. Let us know when you need us, and we’ll be there to discuss projects and witness your operations first-hand.

  1. Q: How can you compete with the big boys from Korea or ELO on price, etc.?

    – CDS Reply: Our expertise lies solely in displays, maintaining a lean team of specialists, eliminating the need for a large overhead cost. This allows us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. With CDS, you receive focus, quality, and pricing – a true win-win scenario.

  1. Q: What about the international exchange rate issues with the Dollar and other currencies?

    – CDS Reply: We will supply you in Dollars, ensuring you won’t be negatively affected by changes in the exchange rate. Your importance to us makes it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  1. Q: My current US supplier comes to see me twice per year at our facility for a review.

    – Reply: We are committed to regular on-site visits. Let’s set dates in advance to ensure we provide thorough reviews and discussions about your upcoming projects.

  1. Q: But you are just a distributor and not a manufacturer, so why should we use you?

    – CDS Reply: We are transparent about our role as a distributor. Many reputed brands also utilize sub-contract factories, as we do. We have financial interests in several factories, ensuring products meet CDS high standards of quality and reliability. By choosing CDS, you benefit from a clear and honest partnership, focused on your needs and not obscured by smoke and mirrors.


Here at CDS we strive to support our customers worldwide and our strong support services enable us to do so with extremely positive feedback ratings from our customers. If you would like to speak with us directly about your gamily requirements, please contact us today. 

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