Why Would you Choose Digital over Print?

Print signage has been there from the beginning and many retailers and vendors alike still use the tool of print signage to advertise and get their message across which they find works for them. However, communication tools have dramatically been revolutionized since the fast evolving digital signage sector which leaves print signage on a back burner. A market which is rapidly and constantly changing and ameliorates print signage as a way of grabbing the consumer’s attention.

Obviously the main reason for many not moving past print signage is the initial investment of digital signage displays, however we have created a list of advantages and abilities of these displays which eliminates the issue of the initial costs.

digital advertising displays


See below a list of why we feel Digital Signage is the route to take;

  • Easy Updates – Digital Signage really shines with its ability to offer real-time updates directly to an entire network of screens. Print involves manual labour, cost of reprinting distribution and going to each location to change content.
  • Digital provides a much brighter and vibrant display that can allow images and videos at its bare minimum, the lifelessness of print signage really shows.
  • Going digital also allows another layer of interactivity for users if you decide to add touch functionality to your screens.
  • The cost of commercial touch screens is coming down all the time as the technology usage grows, adding a commercial touch screen allows your customer to become fully engaged in your message while also increasing brand and product awareness.
  • Digital Signage can be recycled after their use.
  • Print is a more fleeting form of communication and is not meant as a long term solution.
  • There are a lot of environmental issues surrounding the ink used in traditional signage.
  • Digital Signage is a more permanent fixture but is a lot more environmentally friendly during its lifetime like our Slimline screens that have a power timer that switches the display off when it is not needed.

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