WOW The Magic Touch Deluxe 2 – The Amazing UM-1070!

UM-1070, once again delivers an industry-first with the Magic Touch 10″ secondary monitor with the amazing responsiveness of capacitive touch! Capacitive sensing technology has revolutionized the smart phone and tablet market, now it is available as an interface for your computer, far surpassing the responsiveness and overall user experience of traditional resistive touchscreens.

You can use the Magic Touch as a Tablet PC once you install the driver into the PC system by setting the option for Tablet PC after you plug the USB cord of Magic Touch to the PC system since the Magic touch USB touchscreen monitor supports multi-touch screen functionality. The controls on the multi-touch screen change are depending on the task you’re performing. Use your fingers to pinch, swipe, tap, or double to control Magic Touch.

Magic Touch Deluxe 2 mimo

Multi-Touch Screen for Control Panels

UM-1070, USB touchscreen monitor is a perfect solution for touchscreen control panels in such applications as corporate videoconferencing, data entry/capture, smart home entertainment systems, and industrial/manufacturing controls. It is also ideal for a range of other touchscreen monitor applications in healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, sound/video editing, and many other industries.