Score a Hattrick with Outdoor Displays for the World Cup

Show the football outside in the Summer weather to keep the beer garden lovers happy, promote exclusive offers to […]

Ultra High Resolution 1600 x 480 Pixel Letterbox Display

CDS launches ultra high resolution 1600 x 480 pixel letterbox display.

CDS’s 8″ letter box TFT LCD CB0801PZL  is excellent for […]

Transparent Displays Change the Future of the Dining Experience

Check it out, Eatsa “The Future of Restaurants Now”, have optimised the technology of transparent LCD displays to serve […]

CDS High Brightness and High Resolution Digital Signage Solutions

Check out our recently launched high brightness displays with high resolutions, available from 32” to 55”.

This series of high […]

Key Points About Outdoor Digital Signage

With outdoor digital signage becoming a more prevalent method of advertising for a wider range of companies, the technology […]

CDS Save Gaming Companies Money!

Are you  gaming company? Need to save money on your kiosk/juke box/fruit machine or otherwise?

Why not contact us today!

Just […]

Slimline 10 inch Transparent Showcase Hits YouTube

Take a look at the below YouTube video for the slimline, landscape 10 inch transparent showcase display.

The 10 inch […]

Cable Guide for Display Solutions

The vast amount of display cables can be overwhelming and confusing. There is a reason why each display cable […]

The Advantage of Digital Signage for Food Outlets

In an overcrowded fast food industry, outlets are looking for new, exciting and cost effective ways to market their […]

CDS Displays for Rail Applications

Check out the CDS-4956-RSL (custom V-shape panel PC) ideal for transportation displays such as trains and buses.

Key Spec info […]

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