Touch Monitor

Displays, Touch und HMI – Was kann mit Komplett Losungen erreicht werden?

Die Firma Crystal Display Systems (CDS) fokussiert sich  neben der Distribution von TFT-Modulen und transparenten Displays auf die Entwicklung […]

PCAP Touch Monitors with no Copper Wires

CDS now has a wide range of Projected capacitive touch monitors that can work successfully through up to 11mm […]

Brand New Monitor Line Offering Best Quality

CDS opens it’s brand new Monitor production line to give its customers the best quality and reliability for its […]

CDS Still Offer SAW Touchscreen Monitors

Although CDS has a wide range of PCAP monitors as this technology has become more popular we still offer […]

Glass to Glass PCAP Touch Monitors

CDS offers a full range of glass to glass monitors and touch monitors with a PCAP technology touch which […]

Our 21.5 inch PCAP Screens Ready for Final Testing

Our 21.5″ PCAP industrial touch panels going through their last test phase before shipping 🙂

We have many PCAP touch […]

Ruggedised PCAP Touchscreens and Monitors without the Ugly Copper Wires!

With the development of CDS’s PCAP touchscreens and the ability to work through up to 6mm of glass you […]

Who Bought the CDS Open Frame Monitor?

We are finding more and more customers very happy having changed / moved to one of CDS’s wide range […]

Interactive Touch Displays for the Classroom

Introduce State of the Art Technology to the Classroom

The Interactive Touch Display has a natural home in the […]

Capacitive Touch (PCAP) TFT Displays with Ruggedised Cover Lenses for Strength and Reliability

CDS has recommended the use of thick cover lenses to add extra protection to capacitive touch TFT displays that […]

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