Touch Panels Integrated Directly on the TFT LCD Panel from CDS

As well as AUOs prominent TFT LCD panels, the Taiwanese manufacturer is increasingly focusing on PCAP touch panels, which […]

August 13th, 2018|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

Why Consumer Tablets Should not be used in OOH Applications?

Why Consumer Tablets Should not be used in OOH Applications?…

Because they are not designed for this and are unreliable. […]

July 5th, 2018|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

PCAP PLUS NEW Thru Glass Tech from CDS

Have you checked out the PCAP+ new thru glass technology as of yet?

We showcased the tech at ICE Totally […]

June 14th, 2018|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

The Latest Updates for our PCAP Touch Foils

Incredible PCAP touch foils are something to shout about – did you know they can turn any surface or […]

May 15th, 2018|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

Die hervorstechende PCAP-Touch Folie zum antippen

Diese Folie zum antippen ist derzeit das beste und umfangreichste Multitouch-Format, das es auf dem weltweiten […]

April 24th, 2018|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

The New Touch CMS Spec Sheet

Design exciting touch content for your audience to interact with…

Check out our new Touch Content Management System which allows […]

March 28th, 2018|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

Visit the CDS Thru Glass Invisible PCAP Sensor at ICE

At ICE you will see several people using the older touch technology with copper wires running through the touchscreen […]

January 30th, 2018|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

Ruggedised PCAP Touchscreens and Monitors without the Ugly Copper Wires!

With the development of CDS’s PCAP touchscreens and the ability to work through up to 6mm of glass you […]

December 19th, 2017|Touch Monitor, Touchscreens|

Liquid Optical Bonding VS Dry Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is a process which attaches the touch panel directly to the LCD, filling a small air gap […]

September 25th, 2017|Home Featured, Touchscreens|

Our Excellent PCAP Touchscreens

Take a closer look at our excellent PCAP Touchscreens in action in this quick YouTube video demo.

They also work […]

August 31st, 2017|Home Featured, Touchscreens|
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