Ultra Wide Stretched

Customised Transparent Stretched Displays

Did you know that you don’t have to stick to the standard when thinking of an ultra wide stretched […]

Newly Launched 5.8 inch Bar Type LCD

Check out the new model CDS058IWV01HSO, the amazing wide stretched bar type LCD with an impressive 8:3 aspect ratio.

Key […]

New Additions to CDS Letterbox Displays

Check out our new additions to the small format TFT range!

We have the largest range for you to chose […]

CDS Introduces 5 inch Letterbox Industrial TFT LCD Panel with Touch Screen Option

Check out our new and innovative 5.0” “Letterbox” TFT LCD which is the latest ultra wide display model unveiled […]

Impressive 38 inch Wide Stretched Touch Monitors

WOW 🙂 Our MO-381-EW-800-T is an incredible looking and performing 38.1″ wide stretched touch monitor.

With their unique aspect ratio […]

AUO Native Resolution Bar Type Displays Added

CDS has added to its smaller range of Wide format stretched display panels to offer clients additional sizes and […]

CDS introduces 2.8″ Letterbox industrial TFT LCD panel with Touch screen option

Our cutting-edge 2.8” “Letterbox” TFT LCD is the latest model unveiled by Crystal Displays Systems.

The majority of existing industry […]

Freshly Upgraded 36.6 and 37.6 inch Wide Stretched Panels

CDS have recently introduced the PNL-366-001-EW-1000-L, a new 36.6″ panel with a very  interesting resolution.

One of our slimmest wide […]

48 inch Stretched Panel PC Display

Check out the new, incredible and interesting 48″ stretched panel PC product with 1920 x 357 pixels, 1000cd, built […]

New Enhanced Range of Ultra Wide Bar Type Stretched Displays


We just keep on growing our wide stretched offerings.

Recently added is the multitude of small format letterbox TFTs […]

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