Ultra Wide Stretched

Ultra Wide Stretched Displays in Refrigeration

Check out this incredible refrigeration application with ultra wide stretched displays.

A fantastic way to promote the products within the […]

Super Stretched Super Resolution

Another super ultra wide stretched display from CDS cut from a 4K panel to achieve an even more impressive […]

CDS Displays for Rail Applications

Check out the CDS-4956-RSL (custom V-shape panel PC) ideal for transportation displays such as trains and buses.

Key Spec info […]

Ultra Long Ultra Wide Stretched Displays

Check out this unusual 36.8-inch colour TFT-LCD display with special aspect ratio 16:3 and wide resolution 1920 x 358.

It […]

29.3 Inch Transparent Wide Stretched Display

Mixing transparent displays with wide stretched LCD is such a revelation 😀 two unique unusual displays mixed together to […]

Ultra Wide Stretched on YouTube

Check out this example of an ultra wide stretched LCD display in action via YouTube.

A great case study to […]

Ultimate Ultra Wide Stretched Range

We have an amazing range of Ultra-wide stretched panels, kits and housed monitors including interactive multi touch which can […]

L’Oréal 8.8 inch Stretched Display used in POS Display

Check out this example of a very successful installation for L’Oréal using a niche display with interesting aspect ratio and […]

LG 12.3” Stretched Type LCD Panel

Check out the full kit for the LG 12.3″ stretched LCD with interface board and PCAP touch.
Key Features of […]

NEW 4K Cut Wide Stretched 51.9 inch Monitor

Check out the MO-519-001-EW-1400-L, a 51.9 inch colour TFT-LCD display with special aspect ratio 16:4.4 and wide resolution 3840 […]

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