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Crystal Displays launches new high quality RGB & DVI TFT interface converter


LCD Controller Product Name: O Series

PCB Dimension: 100 x 150 x 16mm

Input Signal: RGB, DVI, 2w Audio

Output Signal: LVDS

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 FULL HD

Our industrial interface converter boards enable TFT displays to be connected to standard graphics interfaces or video interfaces.

Input signals such as Analog-RGB, Analog-Video (C-VBS, SHVS, component, CCIR), DVI, HDMI (HDCP), Serial Digital Interface 3G SDI or Display Port will be converted into a TFT display conform TTL or LVDS signal.

Besides the conversion of signals, our boards scale the input signal to the appropriate TFT resolution, if needed.

The core of our LCD Controller cards is the scaler chip which also offers an OSM (On-Screen-Menu) that enables the user to make personal settings such as adjusting the brightness, contrast, auto adjust, etc.

Due to the experienced software engineering, behind these boards we are able to achieve many functions such as customised OSD menus, customized serial protocols for remote commands, text overlays, splash screens etc.

For more information or a full specification data Sheet please call our UK HQ on +44 (0) 1634 292 025 or email the team on info@crystal-display.com.


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