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LG Philips TFT Displays

LG Philips is one of the largest  manufacturers of TFT panels in the world.

Known for their competitive prices and solid industrial specifications, the LG range is a very popular choice for many applications.

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight TypeNotes
4.3", 10.9cmLB043WV2-SD01800x480600 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
6", 15.2cmLA060N01-SD01720x272400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
7", 17.8cmLB070WV8-SL01800x480450 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
10.1", 25.6cmLD101WX1-SL011280x800400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
10.4", 26.4cmLB104S04-TL02800x600250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
11.6" 29.5 cmLP116WH-6-SLA11366x768300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
12.1" 30.7 cmLB121S03-TL05800x600450 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
12.5" 31,8 cmLP125WF-SPB11920x1080400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
15", 38.1 cmLB150X03-TL031024x768400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
15.6", 39.6cmLP156WF4-SLB51920x1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
15.6", 39.6cmLP156WF6-SPB11920x1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
16.4", 41.7cmLB164WH1-SJA11366x238400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
17", 43.2cmLB170E01-SL011280x1024400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
19", 48.3cmLB190E02-SL041280x1024700 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
19", 48.3cmLM190E0C-SLA11280x1024250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
19", 48.3cmLB190E02-SL021280x1024330 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
21.5", 54.6cmLM215WF3-SLC11920x1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
21.5", 54.6cmLM215WF3-SLK11920x1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23", 58.4cmLM230WF3-SLD11920x1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23.8", 60.5cmLM239WR2-SLA11920x1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23.8", 60.5cmLM238WF1-SLE11920x1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23.8", 60.5cmLM239WR2-SLC11920x1080350 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
24", 60.9cmLM240WU9-SLA11920x1200350 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
24", 60.9cmLM240WU8-SLA21920x1200300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
24", 60.9cmLM240WUA-SSA11920x1200300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
25", 63.5cmLM250WQ1-SSA12560x1440300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
26.5", 67.3cmLM265SQ1-SLA11920x1920300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27", 68.6cmLM270WQ6-SSA12560x1440300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27", 68.6cmLM270WQ1-SLC22560x1440350 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27", 68.6cmLM270WQ3-SLC12560x1440300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27", 68.6cmLM270WF5-SLM11920x1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27", 68.6cmLM270WF5-SLN21920x1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
29", 73.7cmLM290WW2-SSA12560x1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
31", 78.7cmLM310UH1-SLA24096x2160300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
32", 81.3cmLD320EUN-SEM11920x1080400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
34", 86.4cmLM340UW1-SSA13440x1440320 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
42", 106.7cmLD420EUN-UHA11920x1080700 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
47", 119.4cmLD470DUP-SEH11920x10802000 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN

TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels, and the LG LCD Panel datasheets are available from us immediately.

For more information on our LG touch display range, click here to contact us.

We can also offer our displays with a suitable interface kit, click here to find out more.

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