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The medical panel computers in our range comply with ISO13485:2003, UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE, FCOClass B Cert to ensure medical operation safety.

Especially designed for the medical environment the panel computers adopt IPX1 waterproof design which protects the entire system from outside liquid.

Increased convenience and reduces cost.

Our  medical panel PCs are manufactured to the strictest medical standards including EN-60601-1, UL60601-1 and UL2601 certifications.

CDS offers a wide range of medical touch stations including high performance platforms, zero noise solutions and ultra slim models ideal for all clinical applications and environments.

CDS can supply medical panel computers built to your exact specification including processor, memory, storage and software requirements.

CDS medical panel pc

Medical Certification Standards

The medical PCs at CDS were specifically designed for medical fields to protect patients and personnel when interacting with electrical systems. Medical devices are being subjected to more and more technical certification standards. All of CDS’s medical computers are EN/UL 60601 certified and have varying degrees of other certifications including: LCD, VCCI, CE, FCC, ISO 14971. We make sure that our medical computers are certified, so you can be assured that your medical equipment adheres to all the standards that ensure patient safety.

Touchscreen Design for Ease of Use

CDS’s all-in-one medical computers come with resistive or projected capacitive touchscreens depending on your application. Since gloves are a fixture in the medical field, the screens can be used while wearing gloves of any kind. The touchscreens have an IP65 rating and fully flush front, so that cleaning is fast and easy.

Hygienic Design

Most of the medical computers are made with an antibacterial coating that suppresses the growth of MRSA by up to 95%. Each of the touchscreens are sealed in an industrial grade housing that is smooth and easy to clean. Crevices and cracks on the units are minimized to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Industrial Components

Medical care is a nonstop job, and CDS’s medical computers are designed to run 24/7, 365. Each computer is built with high quality internal components to ensure the entire unit is durable and reliable.


Accessibility and Versatility

CDS’s medical computers are mountable with standard VESA mounts. They are designed to be slim so that they can be installed on wall or arm mounts, on table top stands, as bedside terminals, or on medical carts.

Specialized Medical Computers for Your Application

We also offer medical PCs for specialized applications and with additional features. You can add 4KV isolation for USB and COM ports, and there is a range of CPUs available that we are always updating as the newest technology comes out. We have a wide selection of input and output ports and PCI-E slots for extra customization if needed. Contact our team to find the best medical computer for your application.

ImagePart NumberCPUChipsetLCDLAN/ USB/ COM/ DisplayExpansion
CDS-PC240Core™ i7/i5/i3, Celeron® & Pentium®SoC Integrated24-inch FHD (250 nits)1/8/0/11 x PCI Express Mini Card, 1 x SDXC
CDS-PC153-834Celeron® J1900SoC Integrated15.6-inch WXGA (300 nits)2/2/3/02 x PCI Express Mini Card
CDS-PC175-873Core™ i7/i5/i3 & Celeron®QM7717-inch SXGA (350 nits)2/4/1/1PCI or PCIe x4, 2 x PCI Express Mini Card
CDS-PC102-832Atom™ N2600NM1010.4-inch SVGA (400 nits)2/2/2/1PCI Express Mini Card
CDS-PC225-873Core™ i7/i5/i3 & Celeron®QM7722-inch WSXGA (250 nits)2/6/3/1PCI or PCIe x4, 2 x PCI Express Mini Card
CDS-PC152-832Atom™ D2550NM1015-inch XGA (400 nits)2/4/2/1PCI Express Mini Card

For more information please email or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327 420To take a look at the whole range please visit our Panel PC webpage page.