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The Largest Digital Signage Network in Switzerland

Take a look at Switzerland’s largest digital signage network where most locations were fitted out with an overall number of 900 “k kiosk” displays.

Special feature of the project: not every "k kiosk" is identical in structure (Photo: Valora Group)

Structure in 4 months

From February until May 2014 900 k kiosks mounted displays were added and installed with impressive software solution. The software allows the animated display of the content as well as their location-specific distribution. “We have set this project in Switzerland a milestone in the field of digital communication. Never ever has a digital signage solution in Switzerland had so many sites, “says Pierre Farine, CEO of screenFOOD (solution software provider).

"K kiosk" HBF Bern: entrance from the outside (Photo: Valora Group)

Differentiation of Solutions 

The Kiosks in different locations differ in construction and size and are located partially in hard to reach locations. That was – in addition to the size of the project – a peculiarity for a short-term project making it very challenging.

The reactions of the displays can be seen as impressing consumers from the outside even though its an interior installation; a great solution for attracting attention and engaging passers by. An amazing opportunity to increase sales for any retailer or designer / installer.

Whether you would like to install one digital signage system or install in multiple locations take a look at the different digital signage products CDS have to offer

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