7-Inch Open-Frame Android Tablets: Power, Performance, and Possibilities

Explore the Boundless Possibilities of the Open-Frame Android Tablet for Diverse Applications

More and more Android based display tablets can now be found in a host of OEM industrial, medical, retail and auto/aero applications. These readymade solutions provide designers and systems integrators with everything they need, a high-resolution display with touch functionality, a fast processor, a large memory capacity, network, wireless and Bluetooth communication, serial interfaces for connection to your peripheral devices plus a highly versatile Android operating system ready for your own bespoke Apps or Apps from the Google Play store.

CDS introduce their range of open-frame android tablets, running alongside the Nebula Industrial Android Tablet, concentrating on the 7″ model compatible with Google play within this blog post. 

Unveiling the 7-Inch Open-Frame Android Tablet

Our latest offering, the 7-inch open-frame android tablet, is a game-changer for product designers and developers alike. With its high-resolution display, robust processing power, and extensive connectivity options, this tablet empowers users to create bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs.

  • 7” Open-Frame Android Tablet
  • 7” IPS TFT LCD, 1280(RGB) x 800 High Resolution
  • 300 nit Brightness
  • 85/85/85/85 Viewing angles
  • 16.7M Colour Palette
  • CTP Touch
  • Built-in CPU, RK3566 ARM Cortex-A55 Quadcore
  • Android 11 Operating System
  • Compatible with Google Play service
  • Open-source versatile operating system with accessibility to all developers (free). Android dominates the mobile OS landscape with 70% market share, with a large on-line community so help is always on-hand.  Over 2.6M apps on the Google Play store.
  • Large FLASH memory – 8GB (EMMC) & 2GB of RAM (DDR4)
  • Flexible comms for interfacing to peripheral device, RS232 x 2, RS485 x 1 & TTL x 1.
  • 2 x USB host ports + 1 x USB OTG port
  • Ethernet x 1 + WIFI & Bluetooth
  • 64GB SD Card interface (Draw Type Card Slot for easy software updates)
  • Connections for external peripherals i.e. Headphone + External Speakers + Microphone
  • Flexible input voltage 7 ~ 36VDC for multi-industry suitability
  • 186.9(H) x 112.2(V) x 21.9(D)mm outline dimensions
  • 150.72(H) x 94.20(V)mm active area

Unlocking Infinite Potential with a High-Resolution Display

At the heart of this tablet is a high-resolution IPS TFT LCD panel, boasting 1280 x 800 pixels. With ultrawide viewing angles and a 300 nits brightness, the display ensures optimal visibility and clarity, making it suitable for a wide range of indoor applications.

Powerful Performance Redefining Display Solutions

Powered by the Rockchip RK3566 ARM Cortex-A55 Quadcore processor, coupled with 8GB of FLASH memory and 2GB of DDR4 RAM, the tablet delivers robust performance for multitasking and demanding applications. Whether it’s running custom-built apps or accessing the Google Play store for existing solutions, this tablet can handle it all seamlessly.

Versatile Connectivity

From ethernet to WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, and serial interfaces (RS232, RS485, TTL), the tablet offers a plethora of connectivity options to interface with peripheral devices. Whether it’s data transfer, communication, or audio output, the tablet ensures compatibility and flexibility.

Google Play Compatibility

One of the standout features of our tablet is its compatibility with Google Play services. With access to over 2.6 million apps, developers can leverage the vast ecosystem of Android apps to enhance functionality and user experience. Moreover, the open-source nature of Android 11 OS encourages collaboration and innovation within the developer community.

Multi-Industry Suitability

With its flexible input voltage range (7VDC – 36VDC) and compact dimensions (186.8 x 112.2 x 21.9mm), the tablet is suitable for a wide range of industries, including industrial automation, medical, retail, and automotive sectors. Whether it’s integrating the tablet into kiosks, POS systems, medical devices, or industrial control panels, its versatility knows no bounds.


In conclusion, the 7-inch open-frame android tablet opens up a world of possibilities for designers and developers across various industries. It excels in all areas, with its high-resolution display, powerful performance, extensive connectivity options, and Google Play compatibility. Whether you’re creating custom solutions or leveraging existing apps, this tablet is your gateway to seamless integration and enhanced user experiences.

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