Alternative Uses for Digital Signage

The digital signage sector is generally considered an advertisement driven industry; however as a display medium it is equally suited to information dissemination. This article considers these alternative uses of digital signage and its usefulness.

Hospitals and Doctor’s Surgeries: To reduce workload on reception staff a touch screen check-in service can be implemented where the patient is guided through a number of simple questions to determine who they are and then to check in. An indication of wait time can also be displayed. Typically there are a lot of static wall posters and messages scattered around a surgery. Having a stylish display that can rotate around these notices can reduce clutter as well as have more impact upon patients.

Hospitality Environments: Restaurants and take away outlets are finding digital signage to be a great long term money saving venture, using them as animated menu boards and to display the latest food offers. Choosing digital signage over traditional light boxes means that updating information is a lot easier and less costly and the content can be made more interesting.

Schools, Colleges and Universities: Student unions use digital signage to highlight ongoing or upcoming events or gigs that often change frequently. Digital Advertising Displays can be used as an educational tool, helping students by making them aware of the resources that are available to them such as study guides and student support. Another useful application is informing students of timetable updates and room changes.

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