Benefits of Stretched Vue for Transportation Installs

For many cities around the world, it is of great importance to promote public transportation as a favourable choice of commute. Envisioning a future where intelligent transportation platforms are abundant, CDS is focused on providing solutions concerned with passenger information systems, automatic fare collection, traffic improvement, control room surveillance and rolling stock applications.

PID displays bus train

For a satisfying passenger experience, high-quality, high-brightness LCD displays that broadcast dynamic content are required. For staff to efficiently disseminate announcements throughout a transit facility, an integrated, intelligent system consisting of rugged computers, high-performance displays and strong content management systems that pick up information sent from remote locations and effectively deliver in real-time are imperative.

In airports, e.g., FPDs are used to provide information on departure check-in counters, baggage check-in counters, departures/arrivals, and baggage claim. Bus seat booking centers use FPDs to report seat vacancies and traffic congestion. FPDs installed in railroad stations display station maps, departures/arrivals, and seat vacancies. In addition to transportation information, FPDs are also used to display other information on local weather conditions, sightseeing spots, special events, or gourmet and shopping spots.

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