Can your Current Supplier Give you that Little Extra?

CDS has recently acquired a number of customers recently, simply through offering clients a little bit more than their current supplier who was resting on their laurels thinking they will always get their business.

This has included improved pricing, quicker delivery, longer warranty periods, buffer stock holding, quick access to spare parts for repairs / returns, quicker and better diagnostic solutions, rapid response to new projects / enquiries etc.

We have also launched some new partnerships to offer an amazing range of products to our customer.

These include the below;

Check out our corporate video as below for more reasons to work with us;

Call or email us to discuss your requirements or ideal supplier partnership and we will look at how best we can meet your expectations and exceed your current suppliers performance.  Surely worth a quick call or Mail? #nothingtolose.

We have also been awarded with the ISO 9001 certification!  

For more information including pricing and a data sheet please email or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327 420.

To get a better understanding of CDS, its team and its capabilities simply have a look at our new company video on our Homepage ( which will give you a great overview of our company and how we can support you. Thank You.