Crystal Displays are Bringing the Show Directly to our Customers with our Virtual Exhibition Stand!

Why a Virtual Exhibition Stand?

With many national and global exhibitions cancelled, here at CDS we thought we would bring our exhibition stand directly to your inbox! Seeing as we are unable to demonstrate our products and solutions ‘in the flesh’ this year (which we love doing) we have decided to do the next best thing! Create our very own “virtual interactive exhibition stand”, seeing is definitely believing which we can still offer you all, but virtually this year!

We have laid out all our display ranges and given the user the ability to choose between Retail and / or Industrial display ranges. You can click on the interactive images and icons to select your specific product interest leading to images, data sheets, and videos of those products. The choice is endless on the CDS virtual stand.

What is available to marvel at on our virtual exhibition stand?

  • Our new double sided high bright window displays – why have one screen when you can have two? Get your message out there!
  • Ultra-wide stretched LCD monitors – unique resolutions and aspect ratios giving increased opportunities in design and space saving installations
  • Mosaic Displays – square LCD displays are usually in demand for size restrictive projects but sometimes it is simply because they look great!
  • Transparent LCD – create amazement and wonder with transparent technology “WOW, how does that work?”, making your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Transparent 3DP – why not stand out even more so with a 3D transparent solution? Jaw-dropping 3D transparent technology. Just when you thought transparent could not get any cooler!
  • Transparent LED – for years customers have asked us for transparent displays for their windows, here is the marvellous solution!

What else is on offer on the CDS Exhibition Stand?

  • Temperature Checking Tablets – Tauris are the #1 trusted temperature measurement tablets on the market. They are the pinnacle of getting employees back to work and visitors back to venues. Protect your people with the Tauri today. 
  • Networked Options – we wish to offer the full solution here at CDS, so we have displays with options to use our CMS for easy content uploads. You can offer your customers the full solution too. 
  • LCD Videowalls – go big or go home. Create large scale digital advertising platforms with huge videowalls displays that you just cannot ignore
  • Freestanding Totems – impress all with aesthetically pleasing large iPad style displays with touch options
  • Industrial Monitors – some environments need a little extra – here at CDS we can custom design monitors to meet all your industrial requirements. Contact us with your needs.
  • Custom Displays – it doesn’t have to be industrial, we can offer custom designs for any application!

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