CDS Custom Monitor Design and Production

Here at CDS we have a strong focus on custom monitor design and production. We feel this is a niche service for our customers and partners and we are very proud to provide it.

CDS bespoke monitor sliders

This service includes, but is not limited to, taking our clients idea and having the initial technical discussions that are essential for the bespoke monitor and mechanical design for the unique application. Our team consists of technical design experience that spans many years in the industrial, retail, commercial and gaming markets. Rest assured we have the skills and capabilities to design the special display you are looking for!

Bespoke monitor CTA

The touchscreen and controller as well as cover glass are designed to the customers’ requirements as well as the hardware development.

Quality control tests then go underway under our ISO 9001. We soak test our displays and ensure the highest quality has been achieved before we send to our customers.

We don’t stop here, we continue a strong partnership with our clients with an incredible after sales service. We can hold stock as well as spares and repairs for a local, speedy repairs service.

CDS Custom Monitor Design and Production

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