CDS Helps Touchscreen Projects for Integration

Start as we mean to go on

A well designed solution will ultimately result in the perfect result for user experience, guaranteeing customer’s satisfaction and maximising return on investment. This applies more crucially in applications for professional and highly technical machine and devices but is seen in practice for all solutions. This is why CDS specialise in the design and production of the most important and most viable part of every single machine and technical device- the touchscreens and the control panels.

To be able to make sure they match the customer needs from the outset, CDS prefer to be involved from the early stages of the development process. With their extremely experienced team of customer focused sales team and engineers they are able to tailor design solutions exactly to the customers’ requirements. The benefits from working closely together from the start, CDS can optimise the cost of the product in the making and shorten the lead time by bringing together the customers’ intensions with the company’s vision of the product design.

PCAP touch

Custom Designs despite the Challenges

CDS are able to produce Man Machine Interface (MMI) for ruggedized applications. Many customers working with robust, large machinery and industrial manufacturing sectors require PCAP touchscreens along with customised glass and integrated LCD models. Some applications need to perform in extreme conditions and so touch would often only be applicable with gloved hands as well as being in refrigerated temperatures. Other industrial requirements also include toughened glass and chemical resistance. Projected Capacitive touch technology can sense the touch of a finger through a projective layer in front of the display. This technology allows the touchscreens to be installed behind toughened glass covers in extreme environments. This advanced technology allows for higher levels of reliability and longer life expectancy of applications with a guarantee of sensitivity and accuracy.

Designing a Touchscreen

When designing a touchscreen the first criteria that needs to be decided on is the size of the display to determine the cover lens thickness and the accuracy and size of icons to be operated, especially if gloves are involved. For example if a 16:9 format is required CDS would use a 15.6” PCAP sensor film with it. CDS offer multiple options to achieve the best light transmission and contrast giving them the advantage of recommending the best possibility for their customers. Sunlight readability is sometimes not an option and so advanced brackets have to be used to minimise the air gap and reduce the degradation of light transmission and contrast. Whether the displays need to be sealed to meet IP66 specification can also be an important issue in the design. Mounting the display in a recess in the front of the housing and applying a seal around the perimeter can carry this out successfully.

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