CDS Introduces New Medium Sized Hibrite UHD Panels

Ultra High Definition panels with high brightness of a whopping 1,000 nits!

So that’s a super resolution and a super brightness panel, check out the sizes below to see if you could integrate these amazing panels and create something superb!

SizeBrightness (nits)ResolutionOperating Temp (°C)Viewing AngleContrast RatioBase Panel
23.8"1,0002560 x 14400 ~ 50178/178TBDTBD
27"1,0002560 x 14400 ~ 50178/178TBDTBD
27"1,0003840 x 21600 ~ 50178/1781000:1LM270WR2
31"8504096 x 21600 ~ 50178/1781000:1LM310UH1
31"1,0003840 x 21600 ~ 50178/1781000:1M320QAN01

Take a look at our full range of sunlight readable displays here

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