Customised Transparent Stretched Displays

Did you know that you don’t have to stick to the standard when thinking of an ultra wide stretched transparent display?

Obviously we have our standard product- the impressive 29.3″ BUT we can manufacture other sizes.

So don’t think that you are constrained when looking into this technology.

Simply follow the below steps and create something spectacular;

  1. Check out our stretched monitor webpage and see which size is of interest
  2. Contact us via email 
  3. We will get back to you and let you know if the base panel can be made transparent
  4. We will let you know a price and a lead time
  5. We will send you a drawing to sign off
  6. Your order will be processed and on its way in no time!

Check out a custom design in action as below;

To check out our full range of Transparent Displays please click here as well as our full range of stretched displays

Or to simply find out more information and request data sheets contact the team via email or call our UK main office +44 (0) 1634 327420