CDS Launch the Perfect Enterprise Android Tablet for Kiosk

We have launched the new N-series tablet, another brand new and impressive product, designed as an all in one self-service kiosk.

Kiosk is not a new solution in the market, however, a flexible tablet that is modular based and allows customers to attach a functional module such as barcode, RFID or Magnetic swipe is not as available in the market and, so we pride ourselves on offering a new total solution to all kinds of kiosk applications.

The incredible N-Series tablet has so many features and benefits, it embodies an option for attachments such as a magnetic card swipe, RFID readers and barcode readers that enables applications in system terminals, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, self-service kiosks etc.

With continuous support of parts for 5 years or more, an integrated STAROS- the kiosk lock-down app and STARCONTROL- remotely managed tablets software, N-Series, reinvents a tablet to an all in one solution for growing enterprises to streamline productivity.

nseries tablet

With 10-point PCAP touch technology (reflective glass), flexible CPU choice and increased security and durability with all controls featured on the back as well as toughened tempered glass the N-Series is entirely reliable. The tablet is equipped with embedded WiFi and offer a 4G module enabling remote content on multiple devices as well as great cable management and are fixation ready for options including; wall-mounted, tablet-mounted and shelf-mount.

Robust displays manufactured with industrial components for optimum reliability, so the tablets can be used 24/7 with trio operating system choice.

Launched this Summer the tablets are covering industries in hotel, restaurants, retail shops, commercial buildings etc.

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