CDS Medical Display Range

We have an extensive range of displays designed and developed for the medical industry, fully supporting the needs of demanding conditions in medical environments.

CDS medical-market

Our monitors are built entirely with industrial grade components, to guarantee optimum performance and reliability in medical applications.

We understand that medical products have a long design process, and solutions have to reliable and of the highest quality to meet the modern day expectations of the industry. Reliable displays are key in the stressful and fast moving environments like hospitals etc. CDS’s wide range of display products means we can produce the ideal solution for all types of medical applications. including laboratory, diagnostic & monitoring instruments through to life saving medical equipment. Display options include sizes from 1.77” to 21.5”, with different brightness levels, interface types, display technology and touch panels as well as full monitors to suit.

CDS can customise our solutions to ensure every aspect of your requirement has been covered, and our products also have long product cycles to ensure long term availability and peace of mind going forward.  Also CDS offers touchscreen solutions for a variety of healthcare applications including patient check in and nursing stations to medical devices as well as telemedicine equipment to streamline your healthcare administration and enhance the patient experience with our versatile Display, monitor and touch monitor solutions.

Our medical displays and monitors can meet the high demands of medical imaging. Medical displays usually come with special image-enhancing technologies to ensure consistent brightness and contrast over the lifetime of the display, noise-free images, ergonomic reading and automated compliance with DICOM and other national and international medical standards.

Suitable products include; optical bonding, EL displays, open frame monitors (customised to your requirements), stretched displays, square displays, industrial Panel PCs, highly reliable interface boards, sunlight readable displays, boxed PCs, touchscreens and more. Please see below:

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