CDS Now Offer Drop-In Replacements for the EOL Mitsubishi Range

In June 2020 Mitsubishi announced that it was withdrawing from the TFT LCD market. To alleviate customers’ worries and concerns from the fall out of this, CDS decided to design and launch a full range of alternatives to Mitsubishi TFT LCDS. This new range from CDS will act as replacements for the Mitsubishi displays which are soon to be unavailable.

Mitsubishi Supply Timeline Affected

The timeline given was for Last time buy orders to be in by June 2021 and final shipments by June 2022. 

In the second half of 2020 and going into 2021, the electronics market has seen a shortage of components which has resulted in longer lead times and increased pricing (read more here). CDS understand that this is affecting the Mitsubishi Last Time Buy and potentially causing severe delivery concerns going forward for the Mitsubishi supply.

Replacements for the EOL Mitsubishi

Over the last 6 months, here at CDS we have worked with our Taiwanese factory to engineer drop-in replacements for the more popular products within the Mitsubishi range. We believe that they are competitively priced and on a quicker lead time. 

The alternative will have the same or better specification (brightness or viewing angles) and are designed to be electrically / mechanically drop in compatible. 

If you are currently using a Mitsubishi panel, firstly we would propose you see if it is on the list below and secondly talk to us so we can support you.

List of Drop-In Replacements for the EOL Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi PNSizeAspect ratioResolutionLC ModeBrightnessTempCDS LC ModeCDS BrightnessCDS Difference?
AA043AN114.3"15:9WQVGA 480x272IPS1,000 nits-30~80IPS900 nits
AA050MG035"15:9WVGA 800x480IPS900 nits-30~80IPS900 nits
AA057VF125.7"4:3640 x 4801100 nits-20~701500 nitsWIDE TEMP, WIDE VIEW
AA065VE11ADA116.5"4:3640 x 4801000 nits-30~801000 nits
AA070MC017"15:9WVGA 800x480IPS1000 nits-30~80IPS1000 nits
AT070MJ117"15:9WVGA 800x480TN1500 nits-40~85IPS1500 nitsWIDE VIEW
AT070MP017"15:9WVGA 800x480IPS1100 nits-40~85IPS1100 nits
AT080MD018"15:9WVGA 800x480IPS1000 nits-40~85IPS1000 nits
AA084SB018.4"4:3SVGA 800x600TN600 nits-30~80TN600 nits
AA084XD118.4"4:3XGA 1024x768IPS1000 nits-30~80IPS1000 nitsWIDE VIEW ONLY SUPPORTS 8 BIT LVDS
AA084XE018.4"4:3XGA 1024x768TN500 nits-30~80IPS1000 nitsWIDE VIEW ONLY SUPPORTS 8 BIT LVDS
AA084XB018.4"4:3XGA 1024x768TN500 nits-30~80IPS1000 nitsWIDE VIEW ONLY SUPPORTS 8 BIT LVDS
AA104VJ0210.4"4:3VGA 640x480TN800 nits-30~80MVA800 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA104SH0110.4"4:3SVGA 800x600TN700 nits-30~80TN700 nits
AA104SL0210.4"4:3SVGA 800x600TN700 nits-30~80TN700 nits
AA104XD1210.4"4:3XGA 1024x768TN600 nits-30~80IPS1000 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA104XF1210.4"4:3XGA 1024x768TN1000 nits-30~80IPS1000 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA104XG1210.4"4:3XGA 1024x768IPS900 nits-30~80IPS1000 nitsWIDE VIEW
AC121SA0212.1"4:3SVGA 800x600TN500 nits-30~80MVA600 nitsWIDE VIEW
AC121ST0112.1"4:3SVGA 800x600IPS600 nits-30~80MVA600 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA121SM0112.1"4:3SVGA 800x600TN550 nits-30~70MVA600 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA121SM0312.1"4:3SVGA 800x600TN600 nits-30~70MVA600 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA121XN0112.1"4:3XGA 1024x768TN700 nits-30~80IPS700 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA121XN1112.1"4:3XGA 1024x768TN1300 nits-30~80IPS1300 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA121XK0612.1"4:3XGA 1024x768TN500 nits-30~70IPS1300 nitsWIDE VIEW
AA141TC0114.1"16:10WXGA 1280x800TN800 nits-30~70TN1300 nits
AA192AA0119.2"16:31920x360500 nits-30~801000 nitsWIDE VIEW

High-end Industrial TFTs need a High-End Replacement

Mitsubishi Electric offered an extensive product offering of TFT-LCD modules for many years, with standard format aspect ratios (4:3, 5:4) and display sizes (5.7”-19.0”) for a wide variety of industrial applications. Prevalent applications include FA (factory automation equipment), measurement, medical, avionics, transportation, marine, POS (point of sale terminals), ATMs (automated teller machines), public information terminals and more.

Key features of this industrial range boasted super high brightness (1000cd/m²), high contrast ratios, super-wide viewing architecture (over 170-degrees), wide operating temperature range (-30 to +80 degrees C (Typical)), touch panel (PCAP, 4-wire resistive), transflective, higher vibration resistance (6.8G), optically bonded, “Natural Colour Matrix” technology, Embedded LED driver and more.

All these attributes of the Mitsubishi range lead to the fact that if these high-grade LCDs have been designed in, they cannot be replaced by any old LCD on the market. State-of-the-art displays need to be replaced by displays which will live up to the high expectations.

Drop-In Replacements for the EOL Mitsubishi Range that you can trust

There are other suppliers proposing alternatives, but often these are ‘near’ alternatives from their pre-existing offerings and will need the customer to undertake some re-engineering. Therefore, CDS say that near is not close enough and our aim is to reduce as much pain as possible in the re-approval process.

Consequently, we have engineered our solutions from a cell, so we have full control of the design. In addition to this, many of our products have been supplied for over 10 years, so our customers have the confidence that this re-design / re-approval process will not continue to happen over the coming months / years.

If the Mitsubishi part being used is not on the list, please talk to us as it may be on the roadmap or subject to requirements, we may be able to engineer a solution for you.



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