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Mitsubishi industrial TFT panels

Mitsubishi is a leading producer of TFT displays from 5″ to 19.2″ featuring an outstanding product stability as well as long-term availability.

Almost all LCD TFT displays offer an operating temperature range of -20°C to 80°C.
The liquid crystals’ temperature in any Mitsubishi TFT display is specified at 92°C under direct sunlight, making them perfectly suitable for outdoor applications. Mitsubishi TFTs have been designed for optimum performance, whether it comes to optical performance or electromagnetic radiation (optimized EMI compatibility) and are perfect for long-term industrial applications.

TFT panel driver boards available for Mitsubishi industrial TFT panels include VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels.

Due to Mitsubishi making their TFT modules End Of Life (EOL) CDS has reliable Alternatives without any redesigns!

Many manufacturers and resellers jumping onto this market promoting ‘alternatives’, but we have already seen that some of the replacements are not true replacements. Our panels have been developed to be compatible with the original Mitsubishi panel. This mean fully compatible, from the mechanics to the connectors and interface.

Even our backlight LED rails, connectors and temperature ranges have been designed to match so if a customer has backlight driving electronics, this will still be supported by our displays. Mitsubishi Electric and its Mitsubishi industrial TFT panels originally designed their panels, so the backlight driver design was controlled by the customer. High Reliability applications often require specific backlight control such as full dimming.  It also is the most sensitive part of the display regarding approvals. This backlight control electronics would often be embedded within the customer design – surely there is no point in offering an alternative where the customers power electronics must be updated? This would add a lot of cost and time to any ongoing projects and CDS are here to assist with this!

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SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessInterface
4.3″AA043AN11480×2721,000 cd/m² LED
5″, 12.7 cmAA050MC01800×480300 cd/m² LEDTTL
5″, 12.7 cmAA050ME01800×480450 cd/m² LEDTTL
5″, 12.7 cmAA050ME01-T1800×480350 cd/m² LEDTTL
5″, 12.7 cmAA050MG03800×480900 cd/m² LEDTTL
5″, 12.7 cmAA050AA11640×6401200 cd/m² LEDTTL
5.7″AA057VF12640×6401100 cd/m² LED
6.5″AA065VE11ADA11640×6401000 cd/m² LED
7″, 17.8 cmAA070TA111280 x 7681000 cd/m² LED
7″, 17.8 cmAA070MC01800×4801000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
7″, 17.8 cmAA070ME11800×4801500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
7″ AT070MP01800×4801100 cd/m² LED
7″, 17.8 cmAT070MJ11800×4801500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8″AT080MD01800×4801000 cd/m² LED
8″, 20.3 cmAA080MB01800×4801000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084VG01640×480800 cd/m² LEDTTL
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084VJ01640×480800 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084SB01800×600600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084SB11800×6001200 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084SC01800×600600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084SD01800×600600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084SD11800×6001200 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084XB011024×768500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084XB111024×7681000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084XE011024×768500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA084XD011024×768600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8.4″, 21.3 cmAA84XE111024×7681000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
9″, 22.8 cmAA090ME01-T1800×480320 cd/m² LEDLVDS
9″, 22.8 cmAA090MF01800×480800 cd/m² LEDLVDS
9″, 22.8 cmAA090MF01-T1800×480640 cd/m² LEDLVDS
9″, 22.8 cmAA090MF11800×4801500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
9″, 22.8 cmAA090TB011280×768800 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.1″AA101TA02ADA111280 x 8001000 cd/m² LED
10.4″, 26,4 cm AT104SN11800 x 6001500 cd/m² LED
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104XN011024 x 7681300 cd/m² LED
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104VJ02640×480800 cd/m² LED
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104SH01800×600700 cd/m² LED
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104VH01640×480800 cd/m² LEDTTL
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104SL02800×600700 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104SL12800×6001200 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104XD021024×768600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104XD121024×7681000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104XF121024×7681000 cd/m² LED
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104XF021024×768600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4″, 26,4 cm AA104XG121024×768900 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4″, 26,4 cm AT104XH111024×7681200 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121SM01800×600550 cd/m² LED
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121SM02800×600550 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121SM03800×600600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121XK011024×768500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121XK061024×768500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121XL011024×7681000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121XN011024×768700 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121XN111024×7681300 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121TD011280×800700 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121TD111280×8001500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1″, 30,7 cmAC121ST01800×600600 cd/m² LED
12.1″, 30,7 cmAC121SA02800×600500 cd/m² LED
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121XP131024 x 7681000 cd/m² LED
12.1″, 30,7 cmAA121TJ111280 x 8001500 cd/m² LED
14.1″AA141TC011280×800800 cd/m² LED
15″, 38.1 cmAA150XS011024×768350 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15″, 38.1 cmAA150XS111024×7681100 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15″, 38.1 cmAA150XT011024×768800 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15″, 38.1 cmAA150XT111024×7681500 cd/m² LED
15″, 38.1 cmAA150XW141024×7681000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15″, 38.1 cmAA150PD031400×1050500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15″, 38.1 cmAA150PD131400×10501000 cd/m² LEDLVDS
17.5″, 44.5 cmAA175TD011280×768700 cd/m² LEDLVDS
19″, 48.2 cmAA190EA011280×10241500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
19.2″, 48,7 cmAA192AA011920×360500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
19.2″, 48,7 cmAA192AA511920×360650 cd/m² LEDLVDS


In June 2020 Mitsubishi announced that it was withdrawing from the TFT LCD market and its Mitsubishi industrial TFT panels.

The timeline given was for Last time buy orders to be in by June 2021 and final shipments by June 2022. 

In the second half of 2020 and going into 2021, the electronics market has seen a shortage of components which has resulted in longer lead times and increased pricing.  CDS understand that this is affecting the Mitsubishi Last Time Buy and potentially causing sever delivery concerns going forward for the Mitsubishi supply.

Over the last 6 months CDS have worked with our Taiwanese factory to engineer drop-in replacements for the more popular products within the Mitsubishi range.  We believe that they are competitively priced and on a quicker lead time.  The alternative will have the same or better specification (brightness or viewing angles) and are designed to be electrically / mechanically drop in compatible.  If you are using Mitsubishi, we would propose you see if it is on the list and talk to us.  There are other supplier proposing alternatives, but often these are ‘near’ alternatives and will need the customer to undertake some re-engineering.  With CDS we say that near is not close enough and our aim is to reduce as much pain as possible in the re-approval process.

We engineer the solution from a cell, so we control the design.  Many of our products have neem supplied for 10years + so our customers have the confidence that this re-design / re-approval process will not continue to happen over the coming months / years.

If the Mitsubishi part being used is not on the list, please talk to us as it may be on the roadmap or subject to requirements, we may be able to engineer a solutions.

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