CDS Offers LG 88 Inch Ultra Wide Stretched Display and 55-Inch Ultra Bright Monitor

CDS has introduced an 88-inch Ultra Stretched and 55-inch Ultra-Bright Video Wall digital signage displays. The 88-inch LG Ultra Stretch joins the 86-inch Ultra Stretch to offer an expanded portfolio of displays from CDS that address an array of installation needs. The new 700-nit display measures over seven feet long and nearly two feet wide and features an incredible 32:9 aspect ratio for excellent image quality in a variety of commercial applications.LG Electronics 88-inch LG Ultra Stretch

The 88BH7D supports content in Ultra HD (3,840×1,080) resolution and up to four picture by picture divisions for dynamic images and flexible display possibilities. For added convenience, the 88BH7D features a built-in system-on-a-chip for seamless synced playback — eliminating the need to install PCs or media players to drive the content on each display. Users may also edit content through SuperSign Premium, which distributes and syncs content to the display’s playlist without the use of another device.

LG Ultra Stretch displays are flexible in installation — acting as a stand-alone display, layered together for an artistic video wall or installed in a square pillar to create a 360-degree video wall column. The displays can also be daisy chained together to create a 4×4 tiled installation, allowing for larger, more robust content expression. The 88BH7D’s eye-catching design is perfect for clothing or cosmetic store displays, wayfinding, airport flight information display, hotel signage, museum displays, QSR menu boards and behind-the-counter displays.

The new 55-inch LG Ultra-Bright video wall display features a 3.5-mm bezel-to-bezel width and is three times brighter than conventional solutions. With 1,500 nit peak brightness and a high-performance system-on-a-chip, the new display (model 55VX1D) offers image quality and high brightness necessary to grab customers’ attention from distances near or far, even in brightly lit areas.

CDS videowall LG 55VX1D

With each display having 1920×1080 Full HD resolution, a 2×2 array creates 4K Ultra HD images. Utilizing LG’s In Plane Switching technology, the display produces accurate and consistent colours from virtually any viewing angle and contains fast liquid crystal recovery properties that prevent display blurring and flashes when touched.

The 16:9 video wall’s Temperature Sensor enables it to function without blackening defects after being exposed to direct sunlight, temperatures as high as 230 degrees Fahrenheit or humidity levels between 10 and 80 percent. With conformal coating that protects against dust, iron powder and humidity, the 55VX1D display is built with long term-reliability for superior usage in already-bright spaces.

End users can also distribute control commands across connected display panels within the video wall through LAN daisy chain, maximizing display content. Even more, the video wall’s ultra-narrow bezel offers a sleek design that fits easily and blends seamlessly into window-facing retail, transportation and wayfinding installation environments.

The 55VX1D is the latest addition to LG’s line of narrow bezel displays. The ultra-bright video wall joins the VH7B and brand-new VM5B and VM5C models, which feature 1.8mm bezel to bezel widths for maximum content expression.

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