Flexible Front IP65 Panel PCs

The Litemax range of industrial front IP65 Panel PCs are available in a wide selection of display size, backlight brightness and computer performance. State-of-the-art industrial panel PCs which are designed with innovative technology, to the highest industrial standard and with extensive functionalities that fulfil the needs of our customers for a wide range of applications.

Our incredible new partnership means we offer our customers the simplicity that comes with the Litemax modular design. Making it easy for customers to choose from a wide range of panel and PC options. Including panel sizes, bezel options, IP rating as well as many options for PC performance.

Key Features 

  • True Flat IP65 Front Protection
  • Panel Using Patented Advanced Optical Bonding Technology
  • Fanless & Wide Temperature support
  • Ultra-High Brightness up to 1,600 nits
  • Flexible Combination
  • Supports Panel / VESA Mounting

Litemax High Brightness for HMI

Litemax high Bright Panel PCs are suitable for numerous applications requiring a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) including factory automation, energy, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing or outdoor applications. The features of the high luminance industrial HMI front IP65 panel PCs include elegant and edge-to-edge glass designs, well designed and rugged construction, configurable performance, and flexible mounting options. CDS, as a Displays specialist, supply an extremely broad range of interactive HMI PCs, with a choice of processor and chipset combinations, with the focus of the Litemax range being in the high brightness solutions.

Modular Flexible Design

The modular design of the Litemax industrial PPC range, enables a wide selection of processor levels and display sizes, with both 4:3 and 16:19 aspect ratios. This flexible solution will accelerate product development and reduce the time to market for your project.

The CDS and Litemax high brightness panel computers, also known as sunlight readable panel computers, have been designed specifically to operate in very bright environments with this range providing a brightness level up to 1600cd. Not only this, these models can be equipped with a light sensor for auto brightness dimming, saving energy and extending the life span of the LCD panel and solution.

Front IP65 Panel PCs Quality and Reliability

The Litemax range has been designed to include IP65 front panel, and fanless system operation which overcome the potential problems of operation in harsher and demanding environments. Tough conditions including optical interference caused by reflection, refraction and scattering of light, dust, water, or the potential rapid change of temperature, high humidity, and dust. Not only this the range is particularly well suited to access control markets as well as modern smart access control systems, and managing building efficiency systems. Consequently making this an ideal solution for companies looking to increase their operational efficiencies. The sleek, elegant design with ultra-low power consumption adds real value to our customers and the end users.

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