Crystal Displays Launch the Groundbreaking Transparent OLED

CDS newly launch the Transparent GhosT-OLED product line allowing our customers to create true see through installations with this virtually frameless display solution.

Its innovative OLED technology eliminates the requirement of a backlight offering strong vivid colours and an ultra-wide viewing angle, but also an impressive transparency of 38 %!

CDS GhosT-OLED(14)

Dark image contents appear transparent and bright image contents opaque to potentially mask products behind the display.

Based on the LG 55EW5F-A base open frame solution the GhosT-OLED solution has been re-engineered to create a better and more reliable mechanical solution for open areas, whether that be rental or fixed space applications.

The GhosT-OLED highly engineered solutions have helped take the LG base OLED panel to the next level to make it easier and more flexible for our customers and the end users / brands.

This is not a Transparent OLED panel but rather an optimised, truly remarkable finished solution for our customers and partners.

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