The Phenomenally Versatile TOLED from CDS

The stunning GhosT-OLED range has been specially developed for the professional AV market and has been upgraded from previous versions of the Translucent OLEDs available and is suitable for retail, museum, exhibition / trade shows, corporate headquarters as well as interactive applications and environments.

transparent OLED displays

The marvellous GhosT-OLED can be easily installed in walls or tables, used as a stand-alone solution or as a transparent video wall and even made touch interactive thanks to the various product versions and the associated flexibility.

For every kind of installation there is the optimum version with a wide range of accessories. All GhosT-OLED products come with a 3-year warranty.

Key features of the GhosT-OLED solution;

  • Optimised High transparency (translucence) of 38%
  • 30,000h lifetime, 18/7 operating time possible with 3 years warranty
  • Full HD resolution optimising excellent graphics and full motion video
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle with no ‘off-axis’ brightness or contrast limitations
  • Optional touch function with Touch Kit Overlay
  • DisplayPort (DP), HDMI and USB connectivity, with full RS232 control
  • Ruggedized with optically bonded front protective glass.
  • Portrait or Landscape orientation use
  • Ceiling mounted, table mounted, or flat using custom mounts
  • Can be used as a videowall tiled solution including brightness compensation and optimization
  • Many options including achieving AR (Artificial Reality) effects in the dark to WOW viewers with that extreme and extraordinary viewing experience.

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