Fully Flexible and Fabulous GhosTOLED Range

Fully optimised and developed outstanding LG open cell, the transparent GhosT-OLED range, with 3 outstanding options for our customers; the half kit, the full kit and the touch kit (suitable for the half and the full kit);

configurations of TOLED

Half Kit; 

  • For easy integration in fixed installations
  • LG open cell is optimised for safe and easy integration
  • Improved as LG open cell is very fragile
  • Optimised LG standard signage box
  • Metal parts protect the display and reinforces the OLED for mounting / integration
  • 1 meter signage box distance currently, we are working on max 3m for the future
  • Flexible flat cables and easy connection to LC cables

Full Kit; 

  • Standalone solution for the rental market
  • Signage box attached to the display, plug and play
  • Versatile
  • Available in white
  • Can quickly change from table mode to straight mode depending on installation
  • Active ventilation in the box (no overheating) silent fans, low watt
  • Connections for LC, no need to open box
  • USB for plug and play (no PC needed)

CDS transparent OLED displays

Touch Kit; (can be added to the half kit and the full kit)

  • Infrared touch
  • 12 simultaneous touch points
  • Flexible due to fast addition and removal to half and full kits
  • Ambient light proof
  • Operating system – Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP | Mac OS X | Ubuntu/Fedora
  • Connection via USB
  • Does not affect the transparency, image and no disturbing sensor grid
  • Bezel available in black or white

We are also working on more options which include a PCAP touch overlay, half and full kits with integrated infrared touch and integrated PCAP touch in the future if there is the demand for it.

For more information please visit – https://crystal-display.com/products/cds-transparent-oled/

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