Crystal Displays launches its new European designed & manufactured Indoor Monitor Range

Our range of indoor products has been conceived to fulfil any Indoor Video information installation requirements and for all types of environment such airports, railways, trade shows, museums, hotels, shopping centres, where standard IP30 compliance is sufficient. But we offer some benefits the major TV brands do not offer.

LCD and LED monitors included in this range uniquely represent innovative and advanced professional solutions, and are available in various models and can be equipped with a great number of functions and integrated solutions suitable to environments with strong public presence or for DIGITAL SIGNAGE applications.

ONYX Range
CDS’s Onyx line is a monitor range especially designed for use in public information systems with network location, such as airports ‘FIDS’ and ‘GIDS’, railways, bus stations, subways, shopping malls, public venues, etc. featuring a built in PC.

Product main advantages:
• Best display quality due to a direct digital LVDS link from the integrated computer board to the LCD panel
• Immediate and easy maintenance/service functions, by means of an extractable rack drawer, containing the PC board
• Internal computer and main power supply (integrated on the rack drawer), are quickly detachable (sliding out), by a single on-site operator, without moving the monitor from the site-location. “Maintenance heaven”.
• High safety grade while maintaining/installing operations due to a new auto snap-in function, which allows a smart and easy rack drawer insertion/removal.
• No external video cable connection. Video connection from PC board to the LCD panel is totally internal and fully digital driven by an LVDS cable.
• The monitor includes hardware and software support, which controls the monitor status and all video and environment settings, by a simple LAN connection.
• Each monitor is easily and safely accessible from central servers using the SNMP standard protocol.
• Wireless keyboard/trackball integrated (as option).
• Ruggedized external cabinet and internal mechanical structure.
• Portrait and Landscape modes available.
• Connections’ safety cover (as option) to protect connectors from damage / interference.
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