Largest range of Ultra Wide Stretched TFT LCD monitors for retail and digital advertising

Although still relatively new to the Industrial market Stretched is one of the fastest growing display developments with the increase in sizes, brightness, viewing angles and aspect ratios it offers companies great flexibility and uniqueness. If you wish to stand out from the crowd the Ultra Wide Stretched is for you. Simple Plug and Play monitors are available now in the sizes below.

Part NumberSizeResolutionBrigthnessBacklightInput
CDSEW00215″1024 x 256300cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW00616″1280 x 5121000cdLEDVGA
CDSEW00719″1680 X 3501000cdLEDVGA
CDSEW01419″1280 x 390400cdCCFLVGA & DVI
CDSEW01019.1″1920 x 390250cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW00122″1680 x 472400cdCCFLVGA & DVI
CDSEW00328″1366 X 256500cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW01129.1″1366 x 480420cdCCFLVGA & DVI
CDSEW00829.3″1366 x 5121000cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW00429.6″1366 X 512500cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW01532.5″1366 x 415470cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW01237.9″1920 x 502420cdCCFLVGA & DVI
CDSEW00538″1920 x 502500cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW00938″1920 X 5021000cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW01642″1366 x 400450cdLEDVGA & DVI
CDSEW01349.5″1920 x 540500cdLEDVGA & DVI

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