CDS Upgrade their Cloud Based Network Solution


Since launching their new Cloud Based Network solution in August Crystal Display Systems have added some brand new features to the Content Management Software as well as making some improvements.

As well as retaining all of its current features, the unbranded CMS has had a number of improvements made to it, such as browser compatibility. The Cloud Based Software is now supported on every major web browser platform including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

A useful new maintenance feature has also been added; automatic firmware updates. Each time there is a new version of firmware the system will now update itself, requiring no action from the user; this is especially beneficial to users who are managing large networks.

Another great new feature is the addition of a weather widget. Once you set the geographical location of your screens you can add a specific zone to your template that displays the current and predicted weather in your part of the country. This can be displayed as text or different combinations of icons and text.

One more feature that has been enhanced is the depth of permissions that you can now give to a particular user. For example you can now set up a user account that only allows access to a specific media zone of a specific playlist for a specific screen. This level of user control is unparalleled.

The Cloud Based Network solution can be used in conjunction with two types of product; the tablet-like All-in-One Network Screens (available in a range of sizes and styles) which have all necessary hardware integrated into the display, or via the Cloud Network Media Player for applications where monitors are already present.

All sizes of screens as well as the Cloud Network Media Player are in stock now and available for immediate dispatch. For more details on this exciting new generation of products call our UK office on 01634 292025.

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