CDS Double-Sided 65 inch Weatherproof Landscape Display

CDS Partner Infinitus Outdoor will be exhibiting their amazing “Double-Sided 65” Landscape
weatherproof display” at the Instore show in London (Grand Hall , Olympia) next week from 29-30 June

If you are interested in these large format displays or may visit the show please let us know so we can organise a personal overview of this amazing technology.  We have many offerings but the display on show at the Exhibition entrance can be seen at the following link (with specifications):

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Welcome to the site of sun readable full outdoor free standing LCD display specialist

imotion® all-weather large size Full HD LCD information displays are developed for customers in search of reliable and aesthetic outdoor communication platform for digital signage.

Our free-standing outdoor public LCD displays excel in heat management and are immune to humidity and dust particles influence.

Our highly reliable intelligent full outdoor LCD displays are intended for open space locations and are protected from sun exposure, heat, cold, rain, snow, humidity, temperature fluctuation, dust and vandalism.

These high brightness IP65 / NEMA 4X outdoor LCD totems can be used for digital advertising or interactive points such as touch screen way finding or Bluetooth proximity marketing.

With all-in-one full outdoor LCD imotion® displays you can always be sure enclosed electronic components are working in optimal environment protecting your investment and giving you a good night sleep.

City Leaders look to save lives with the iMotion HELP – what do you think Mr. Boris Johnson?

Is this the answer to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), a global issue as well as an advertising / information medium ? The only way to cope with the problem is a society empowered ad given the tools to help. imotion HELP is system intended to drive and lead empowerment of community members with knowledge and tool to react in case of emergency.  Imotion HELP is in its core tool to save lives, educate audiences about the problem of SCA and teach all how to react in case of emergency.

Saving human lives is vital and elementary. The starting point of emergency lifesaving is that cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and sudden cardiac arrest cause the most death cases in Hungary as well as other countries all over the world. In Hungary every 20 minutes there is one person dying of CVD (on average 70 people per day). Due to CVD in the European Union over 2 million and worldwide over 7 million people lose their lives each year. Most of them could be saved in presence of trained persons and effective emergency equipment. The question arises how is it possible to overcome the most crucial time gap of the first 4-5 minutes providing the chance to survive until the ambulance arrives?

The overall solution in instrument, service and skills to save human lives AND inform AND teach people what to do in danger is HELP.

This poses the question – what price a life?

  • the worldwide one and only, lifesaving and service terminal
  • for outdoor usage (from -40°C to +75°C)
  • integrated semiautomatic defibrillator
  • double sided multimedia face (two large, 52″ LCD monitors OR larger, vandal proof construction ) / broadcast of public information
  • interactive face / Wi-Fi, 3G and automatic alarm of the trained reanimators Available Add-on options: 
Touch Screen Enables applications to respond to user input
IP Camera Enables impact measurement and advanced digital signage systems
Bluetooth Enables proximity marketing and Bluetooth based interactive applications
Wi-Fi (Hotspot) Provides Wi-Fi access for users and additional communication channel for network owner
UPS Uninterruptible power supply protects the system from sudden power shortage and potential data loss
Anti graffiti Special coating allows easy removal of graffiti without damaging surface
Custom design Custom housing colour design and custom branding 

Should you require some more information please go to our website page at  or email us at