Our Dual Sided High Bright Window Displays are super slim (from only 4.4 cm thickness for both displays) and are now at a super slim price too.

Firstly, the two displays, back-to-back are ideal for saving space and giving you the ability to double your advertising. With one side facing outside (in the window) and the other side facing inside. Secondly, there are multiple options for running the content, via Android, Windows or via HDMI connected to a separate player / PC. Thirdly, they are flexible with the number of sizes and variations of brightness we can offer as below.

  • 55” Double Sided Digital Poster – 700 / 700 Nits – Android version   
  • 55” Double Sided Digital Poster – 700 / 1500 Nits – Android version  
  • 55” Double Sided Digital Poster – 700 / 3000 Nits –Android version
  • 43” Double Sided Digital Poster – 700 / 700 Nits – Android version
  • 43” Double Sided Digital Poster – 700 /1500 Nits – Android version

Not only this, but our dual sided high bright window displays also feature a high TNI panel, meaning they are protected against blackening up to 110 degrees C. Consequently, they work perfectly in direct sunlight. Our high-quality panels mean that both screens are viewable to their audience no matter what the ambient conditions or usage. 

When imagining a double-sided display, you are most likely imaging a thick and bulky unit, however our designs are much slimmer and lighter weight than most on the market.

Customers have the choice of displaying the same content on both sides, or different content on our sleek design.

Applications include banks, estate agents, petrol stations, hotel, and retail stores.


Why Choose our Range of Dual Sided High Bright Window Displays

  • Largest range – high contrast displays from 700cd up to 3000cd brightness and sizes from 43” up to 55”
  • Doubling your marketing activities – you are not missing out on passers-by, and you are also not missing out on building brand loyalty for the customers already inside
  • High quality high brightness displays – industrial grade high reliability high brightness panels
  • Simple plug and play or networkable – simple built in HD Android media player or for a small cost you can use our CDS Content Management System (CMS) for updates from anywhere, everywhere
  • Blackening resistant screens – in direct sunlight most LCD panels will overheat and blackening on the panel will occur, but this is not the case with our high TNi panels
  • Integrated ceiling mount – display comes with an integrated wire hanging mounting solution, giving a complete solution
  • Super slim design – the slimmest designs on the market!

Double your Impact with Double Sided Window Displays

Hanging Double Sided Window Displays Video

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