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The premier provider of Industrial Touch Screen Panel PCs

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, Crystal Display Systems (CDS) stands out as a premier provider of Industrial Touch Screen Panel PCs. With an extensive range of solutions catering to diverse applications, CDS offers reliable, rugged, and cutting-edge touch screen computers that redefine efficiency and performance in various sectors.

Versatility Across Industries

CDS takes pride in having the widest range of Panel PCs in Europe, making them the go-to choice for numerous applications. Whether it’s factory automation, marine operations, food processing, medical facilities, or smart building control, CDS Panel PCs deliver seamless performance.

Rugged Designs for Harsh Environments

CDS Industrial Panel PCs are built to withstand challenging conditions. For standard environments, resistive or capacitive touchscreens with toughened glass provide durability. In harsh environments requiring hose down, stainless steel IP66-rated panels are ideal for industrial and food processing applications.

Tailored Software Solutions

CDS offers flexibility in software selection, providing Windows 10 desktop versions or Windows Embedded IoT. This customization ensures the Panel PCs are tailored to the specific application and can be “locked down” to enhance application security.

ATEX Certified Panel PCs

CDS provides high-end explosive-proof ATEX certified Panel PCs designed for hazardous environments. These rugged solutions, ranging from 15″ to 22″, boast an IP66 rating, ensuring dust and water-proof enclosures with M12 connectors. They can withstand vibration, shock, and corrosion.

Building Control Panel PCs

For building management systems, CDS offers Building Management HMI Panel PCs featuring Intel CPUs and a touchscreen range from 7″ to 24″. These Panel PCs are IP65 rated for protection against water and dust.

In-Vehicle and Transportation Applications

In-vehicle Panel PCs from CDS are designed to endure the shock and vibration associated with driving. Touchscreen options support Ignition Control and Delay On/Off, with a choice of Intel CPUs.

Marine Panel PCs

CDS provides rugged and waterproof Marine Certified Panel PCs suitable for maritime professionals. These fanless touchscreen PPCs are found on the dock, deck, bridge, and control rooms, with protection against stray electrical signals.

Medical and SMART Healthcare Panel PCs

CDS offers Medical Grade Panel PCs certified by UL60601-1 and EN60601-1. Ranging from 7″ to 24″, these touchscreens come equipped with Intel i3/i5/i7 and Celeron CPUs. The medical-grade finish ensures resistance to harsh cleansing materials.

Rail Certifications for Panel PCs

CDS provides Railway Certified Panel PCs suitable for demanding IIoT HMI applications in the railway sector. With EN45545, EN50155, and EN50121-4 certification, these Panel PCs monitor and control speed, temperature, and security.

Ruggedized Panel PCs

Designed for harsh environments, CDS offers Rugged Panel PCs with a wide temperature range. Ranging from 7″ to 24″, these Panel PCs feature projected, capacitive touch, and resistive touchscreens, along with Intel i3/i5/i7 and Celeron CPUs.

Stainless Steel IP65/IP66/IP69K Panel PCs

CDS presents waterproof, stainless steel Panel PCs with an anti-corrosion design for use in harsh and aggressive environments. The resistive touchscreens, fully sealed to an IP66 rating, make them suitable for food preparation areas.

Expert Consultation and Support

If an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t meet specific requirements, CDS’s in-house design team is ready to create a customized product from start to finish. The technical sales and support teams at CDS provide valuable and impartial advice to optimize any solution.


Crystal Display Systems’ Industrial Touch Screen Panel PCs represent a pinnacle of reliability, innovation, and adaptability across diverse industries. From standard environments to the most challenging conditions, CDS empowers businesses with cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance efficiency, durability, and overall performance. For a personalized touch to your industrial computing needs, trust CDS to deliver excellence.

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