Excess Display screens at amazing prices

Manufacturer Part No Description Quantity
Sharp LQ065T5AR05 6.5″ 9000
Sharp LK315D3LA93 32″ Display 700
Chi Mei Opto Electronics V201V1-T03 20″ display 400
Planar EL320.240.36AG Thin film (EL) display 305

We also have touch screens and controller cards for the 6.5” screens.  They are typically used in an “in car” Sat Nav system.

If any of these are of interest to you please let me know and I have photos and data sheets that I can send you.

I know that value of the first item is over $1 million. The rest of the LCD’S have no cost prices. On all the item we are open for negotiations.

This is a quality A grade stock straight from OEM.

Warranty = 30 day Dead On Arrival (DOA) to allow any checks you wish to make.

Product in Europe.

For more information please email info@crystal-display.com