Heavily ruggedized Litemax High Bright PPC models, with up to IP68 rating and EN50155 certification for harsh and extreme install conditions.

As well as the standard Litemax High Bright PPCs modular range, Litemax also have options for heavily ruggedized models, such as the 21.5” Full IP68 Rugged panel PC. Designed for extreme and harsh conditions which demand a robust panel PC solution.

Not only this, but there is also transportation approved models. EN50155 Panel PCs for the railway industry, in 38” and 38” extreme wide format (1920×540) with full IP65 enclosure, featuring shock, and vibration resistance. Optical bonding is also optional and resistive touch is available for applications where thick gloves usage is required.

Important Components / items for the Range of Litemax High Bight PPCs

  • High quality A grade industrial screens – Our High Bright Panel PCs offer a choice of 4:3 or 16:9 with sizes from 10.4″ to 21.5”, as well as ultra-wide stretched PPCs.
  • Performance options – PPCs with options for both power efficient and high-performance Intel processors.
  • Expansion – For additional I/O on our touchscreen PCs please ask our support about your requirements.
  • Availability – CDS and Litemax endeavour to offer long term availability.
  • Operating System – CDS can support you with your operating system or recommend the best course of action.
  • Environment – the Litemax PPCs are designed for many applications including retail, industrial automation as well as outdoor markets and applications.

CDS’s 360 Degree design-in support system

CDS appreciates that many Industrial environments are exceedingly difficult for the wrong technologies and solutions that are not necessarily or completely fit for purpose. Which is why CDS works a 360 Degree approach to understand from customers what is required before providing the best recommended solution and product. This creates a close collaboration with our customers and the 360 Assessment includes our industry insight and knowledge as well as considering only the suitable technologies and products. 

Some items to consider before designing in a Litemax High Bight PPC are:

  1. What is the Operating environment and application?
  2. What are the best Candidate technologies to consider?
  3. With the above in mind what do we need to consider as regards the Technology supply chain?
  4. What are the customers Performance objectives including hours of use, portability, years of use, reparability to name but a few? 
  5. The commercial imperatives to get the customer the best solution for their budget and requirements.
  6. Define the solution and discuss consistently throughout the process with the customer.

CDS also provides an extensive displays and optoelectronics portfolio, offering custom design services for specific display assembly requirements, and has in-house UK based clean room conditions for touchscreen integration and repair. We also operate as a service centre for our clients for these Litemax High Bight PPCs.

If you are not sure which Industrial Panel PC to choose, simply call one of our technical experts or email to ‘discuss’ your requirements and we will recommend the right solution for you and your environment.  We have excellent in-depth product knowledge and would love to help you with your project.  We have sample and loan stock available and would gladly meet with you to demonstrate the technology or send you a sample for evaluation due to these socially distanced times.

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