ICE and the Future in Gaming for CDS

A few questions and answers for the lead up to the ICE gaming show (where CDS will make their first appearance) :), a reflection on 2017 and beyond.

  1. What new products/services/announcements have you got lined up for ICE?

We are probably the best kept secret in the Gaming / Casino monitor world as we are supplying some Gaming customers products that match (or exceed) the quality of the major manufacturers whilst offering them at a much lower price, but many companies are unaware of this and could benefit immediately!

  • Open frame monitors: We will introduce our full range of open frame monitors from 6.5” up to 65” with various inputs including VGA, DVI, and HDMI.
  • Multi-Touch monitors: Our new robust range includes 6.5” up to 65” multi touch utilising Resistive, SAW, Capacitive and PCAP touch technologies.
  • Display Kits only: Some clients only want panel + interface card and they will assemble these into their housing or metal work, so these low-cost kits offer them an excellent solution.
  • Ultra-wide Stretched panels (Bar type): CDS will show many size/Resolution/brightness examples from its wide range (thought to be the widest in Europe from 4.3”-55” diagonals).
  • Thruu-Glass: CDS has a wide range of these projected capacitive touchscreens (with NO WIRES!) that can work excellently through a sacrificial top layer of oversized glass for a very attractive sleek finish.
  • TRANSPARENT DISPLAYS: This amazing technology, although niche in the Gaming world, offers some companies amazing opportunities for promotion and to create that WOW factor at Expos and their demonstration rooms.
  • Touch foils: CDS can offer custom touch foils that can be applied on the back of glass to create a thru touch solution with 40 touchpoints, and giving a very flexible solution.

As you can see CDS is a major one stop shop for high quality and reliable displays and monitors for the Gaming / Casino industry.

Open Frame Monitors

  1. How important is ICE to your company?

As the first time we have exhibited it is a vital part of our marketing campaign to raise the profile of our products / services and quality focused company.  Being able to invite several of our prospects across Europe to see our products and discuss projects and their requirements face to face and in more detail, will be invaluable. We hope many visitors will come and see us at our booth to see what all the fuss is about amongst our competitors!

  1. How has 2017 been for you as a company? Which products/services have been successful for you recently and how do you plan to build on this?

2017 has been very good for us as more Gaming and Casino manufacturers have become aware of our products and services and given us the chance to supply samples for evaluation and test, which have led to a growing order book and more success in these markets.


  1. What does 2018 hold for you?

Our order book is strong, and we are continuing a growth trend regardless of ICE, but believe that if ICE is successful for us we will go to the next level and a lot of our competitors in the Gaming / Casino will lose out as we have demonstrated in 2017 that our pricing, speed to market, product knowledge and reliability is second to none.  We just need the opportunity from some of those company buyers that are stuck with their current suppliers and do not like change to give us that opportunity, as they will not look back and wonder why they had not come to us before.

We really believe with the help of ICE and publications like Intergame 2018 will be a bumper year for CDS in the Gaming / Casino markets!

  1. What do you see as the focus/trend for your sector going forward?

As the LCD monitors / touch monitors are one of the most expensive components in any Gaming / Casino machine these will be a real target for cost reduction, which we can help customers with and achieve.  But also, higher resolution and higher brightness panels whilst not being more expensive will become a focus as well as for some projects Ultra High Definition panels for greater detail etc.

On the touch front more, ruggedness and reliability is requested and as our PCAP screens can work through and additional 7mm (sometimes 11mm!) glass panel this is giving customers greater options to protect their screen from damage and so saving them money in servicing and replacements!

CDS Gaming displays

  1. Which products have been successful for the company recently?

Although most open frame monitors have had a good year the focus has been in the sizes 21.5” / 24” / 27” Full HD widescreen monitors plus the equivalent PCAP multi-touch versions sometimes being taken as a pair with the top display being for information only and the lower display being the interactive touch display for the player.  So, our clients take the whole digital display solution for their machines.

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