Intelligent TFT Modules – USB MiniMon TFT Displays

Intelligent TFT Modules – USB MiniMon TFT Displays
Mirror or extend your desktop and provide Multi Monitor Systems with minimal effort via our USB driven and powered MiniMons.Applications:
* Any desktop extension application
* Cash register / Till systems (customer display)

USB MiniMon TFT displays can be connected directly via USB interface to a PC or Notebook without the need of an additional graphics card. The MiniMon series is based upon the AB105 TFT controller board, which provides a DisplayLink USB graphics interface (UGA), an LED driver and a touch controller.

For displays up to 7 inch size it can work as a USB-powered device and needs no external power supply.

DisplayLink’s innovative technology enables the operatation of up to 6 addtional monitors via USB using Windows Desktop management.

We can pre-assemble the USB controller board on the back of the TFT display if required.

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