LCD Monitors for Outdoor Kiosks: Are you Looking for a Reliable and Rugged Solution?

Enhancing Outdoor Kiosk Solutions with Our Professional-Grade LCD Monitors

Discover the pinnacle of reliability and ruggedness with CDS, your trusted specialist in LCD Monitors for Outdoor Kiosks, ATMs, and HMIs. We proudly present the MO-150-OB-1000-IP65-APTV2, a 15” monitor solution designed to exceed the demands of outdoor kiosk environments. As a stocked and standardised solution, it has swiftly garnered acclaim for its smart and compact design, making it an ideal choice for your unique requirements.

Origins of the MO-150-OB-1000-IP65-APTV2

Originally commissioned by a leading supplier and developer specialising in contactless payment systems, the MO-150-OB-1000-IP65-APTV2 emerged from the need for a versatile and reliable touchscreen solution. Tasked with accommodating various applications and installation environments, the client required a 15-inch display that could ensure optimal visibility in direct sunlight—an imperative for their outdoor payment kiosks.

To address this challenge, we engineered a high-brightness 1,000 nits screen with an IP65-rated front face, delivering both readability in sunlight and robust protection for indoor installations. Our commitment to quality extended to the incorporation of optical bonding technology, eliminating condensation, and enhancing display clarity.

Key Features & Benefits of the MO-150-OB-1000-IP65-APTV2

  • 15” 1024 x 768 panel with VGA and DVI-D input
  • IP65-rated front face for a waterproof and dust-proof solution
  • High-brightness panel with 1,000 nits
  • Integrated 3mm 10-point PCAP touch glass (via USB)
  • Optically bonded for improved clarity
  • Full flat surface for seamless user experience
  • Rugged steel housing for durability
  • DV 12V input for versatile power options
  • -20~70℃ operating temperature for adaptability
  • Applications include ATM, Kiosk, and HMI equipment

Why Choose CDS for Your LCD Monitors for Outdoor Kiosks

Look no further for your LCD monitor needs. Our comprehensive solution ensures that your payment systems not only meet but exceed the highest standards of performance and durability, irrespective of the challenging conditions they may encounter. Trust in CDS to provide a reliable and rugged display solution for your outdoor kiosk applications, backed by our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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