LOW COST 84 inch 4K Monitor Display with Integrated Touch

Now is the time to replace old fashioned projector systems with an Interactive Touch Display that has a series of advantages over the antiquated presentation technology. Built to last over 16 times longer than a projector bulb and with drastically improved contrast and sharpness the images quality does not compare.

What better to use than CDS’ LOW COST 84 inch 4K Monitor Display with Integrated Touch, a product with HUGE success rates 🙂

large touch monitors

Key Features;

  • Easy access ports – can be connected to external devices conveniently as well as having a variety of AV inputs at the rear for more permanent connections
  • High reliability Infra-red touch – most robust and durable technology perfect for commercial applications
  •  10 point touch – allowing highly advanced touch gestures such as zooming and multiple users perfect for teaching and meetings
  • Eco friendly LED back light that enhances brightness and contrast

For more information please visit https://crystal-display.com/products/touch-interactive-whiteboard-displays/

For pricing please contact us via email info@crystal-display.com or call +44 (0) 1634 327 420