Reliable Alternatives without any redesigns

We recently gave an update on our new range of Mitsubishi replacements, our reliable alternative TFTs to the EOL Mitsubishi range as Mitsubishi are stopping production and withdrawing from the displays market. There are numerous manufacturers and resellers jumping onto this market promoting ‘alternatives’, but we have already seen that some of the replacements are not true replacements. Our panels have been developed to be compatible with the original Mitsubishi panel. This mean fully compatible, from the mechanics to the connectors and interface.

Even our backlight LED rails have been designed to match so if a customer has backlight driving electronics, this will still be supported by our displays. Mitsubishi Electric originally designed their panels, so the backlight driver design was controlled by the customer. Hi-Rel applications often require specific backlight control such as full dimming.  It also is the most sensitive part of the display regarding approvals. This backlight control electronics would often be embedded within the customer design – surely there is no point in offering an alternative where the customers power electronics must be updated? This would add a lot of cost and time to any ongoing projects and CDS are here to assist with this!

List of Drop-In Replacements for the EOL Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Replacements that are consistent

Although we promote them as direct alternatives, there are slight optical exceptions, i.e., some have used a wider viewing angle panel, and some parts are slightly brighter, but generally for most customers this will be seen as an improvement.

We have also seen that one of the biggest advantages is that we look to be able to supply these products for at least the next 10 years (we have first-hand experience of this). Designing in our displays will not leave you having to go through expensive re-approvals every couple of years. Our focus is on quality and consistency.

If you would like to give us the chance of supporting your long-term business with a reliable and high standard product that could save you time, money, and new developments, then please contact us and we can discuss your project and arrange a sample for your approval as soon as possible.



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