New 55" Slimline Freestanding Digital Signage Totem


Utilising our years of experience supporting digital signage solutions, CDS’s new 55-inch slimline kiosk offers a simple and effective way to display digital signage messages and videos in the retail environment.

The company has come up with a reliable, eye-catching design that is also expandable and customizable. It started with a base structure that is solid and sleek. The company integrated 24/7-rated LCD panel, boards, cable management and integrated media player as well as optional multitouch technology and PC.

With a simple modular platform, this solution is easy to upgrade and reliable. It is even possible to design a back-to-back kiosk if required. Totem features include: LED backlight 1080P LCD; reliable design with built-in ventilation system; edge-to-edge front glass with i-device look and feel; optional multi-touch with integrated PC and solid and sleek glass with aluminium design.

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