NEW Small Industrial Grade TFT Displays from CDS

CDS have launched their new range of small, industrial scale, high quality TFT modules with long term availability from Yeebo Displays Ltd. Sizes ranging from 1.77″ to 12.1″ with the flexibility touch options.






Yeebo Displays Ltd is a major manufacturer of the highest quality industrial grade TFT modules with long term availability. We also offer their integrated OGS capacitive touch panels and full technical integration support. Other touch options available for applications where high levels of humidity exist. OGS capacitive is the latest mutual capacitance touch panel (CPT) technology combining the glass-cover-lens with a CPT in one single Glass substrate.






To see the full range of Yeebo small TFTs please visit our Yeebo webpage  alternatively check out our full range of TFTs from the best manufacturers worldwide.

For more information on our new TFT please contact us via email or simply call our UK office on +44(0)1634 327420