Nivea adopts the Digital shelf edge multi display system for Instore promotion and marketing


Crystal Display Systems Limited ( promotes and sells the Digital multi display shelf edge display solution creating an excellent long thin display shelf resulting in a unique Display promotional solution for retail stores, museums, product promotions etc. and has been exhibited at Screen Expo 2012 and Instore 2012, NEC technology day as well as some other exhibitions and technology days.

This solution has been adopted by Nivea in Germany to replace the standard passive shelf strips in some of the stores to create a powerful use of technology and the latest digital media marketing techniques. These multi displays can show still images, videos, or animate movement between or across multiple displays!


This ‘Nivea system’ is controlled over 3G radio network with product information, current campaigns and beauty care tips shown. This connected system can link the Nivea online world (website) and the classic point-of-sale via QR codes etc. creating a ‘sticky’ experience and helping enable brand loyalty.

This is just an example of the first steps towards a company can take towards a unique stand alone or networked digital POS strategy.

The system is different, unique and helps brands stand out from the crowd!

This system is available as a plug and go solution in a custom metal housing or as individual components which the customer can build into their own solution or design their own housing so it is very flexible.

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