Optical comparison of 15″ TFT-LCDs – CMI G150XGE-L04 and AUO G150XG01V3

A direct comparison of the optical features of these 15″ TFT-LCD displays from CMI and AUO resulted in the following results:

The AUO G150XG01V3 with its RGBW technology consumes 13% less power than the CMI G150XGE-L04 due to its white sub pixels.

Both TFTs performed similarly with regard to white image areas, however the more affordable AUO G150XG01V3 can lose brightness and detail in the colored image areas. In cases where screen brightness levels can be problematic, Crystal Displays would recommend recommend the G150GXE-L04 from CMI.

We have many 15″ TFT options so please discuss your project with us.

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